Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Camera: (n) 1. device used to capture and record photographs, 2. a trial of my faith...‏

I'm going to start every email with a little list of what things I need you to send from home...sorry :)
My itty bitty camera is great, but I still can't send any pictures from it, because of its lack of memory card. So here's what we'll do - if you could send my blue camera from off my nightstand and one of the memory cards in my camera bag, I would be grateful. I'll keep the itty bitty until that one gets here, and then I'll send it home with the cord, so you can download the pictures and get them here. I'll definitely be recording a little video of myself and my companion for you to watch, if I can convince her ;) hopefully this will work haha if not, we'll just swap memory cards back and forth, I guess. Which is fine with me.

Thanks so much for the coats. I haven't worn my yellow one yet because it's been snowing, but my burton coat is definitely my favorite thing right now. And the skirt is totes adorbs (my companion shortens words so now I do it on the reg. No biggie. Chey can translate if you want. And I have her email address, but I don't know her phone number. It should be in my phone. I'll tell her to get in touch with you.

PEOPLE HERE ARE INSANE. It snowed five inches on Sunday and the whole town shut down. We weren't allowed to drive anywhere, the only meeting we had was sacrament, they didn't even have school the next day. One of our investigators called us to make sure we were okay and then told us that she wouldn't be driving her bus route in the morning because the kids can't stand outside in weather like this. I couldn't believe it! It takes at least a foot of snow in Utah to even make people consider not driving! It was so weird, but I'm not complaining. We hung out all day in our house, planning and organizing our area book and making the best looking white board in the mission, in my humble opinion.

Okay, the new rule of thumb for emailing (as decreed by the mission president) is that we can email whoever we want - family AND friends. So feel free to send me emails! I love letters because I can get those any day of the week, but emails are grand :) Just don't expect me to respond to every single one. I'll probably do a bulk email like this every week and then an individual one to all my favorite family members. You know how I am. Picking favorites. Hard to impress. Typical Annika.

I need more pictures of Colby! In fact, I need pictures of everyone. They're good to look through when I've got a second. Consider this an invitation to everyone - send me pictures of your adorable families so I can tape them on my wall and not forget what everyone looks like. I'll return the favor as soon as I figure out my camera situation.

Oh, and tell Chad congratulations on his mission call! We met a couple from Anchorage at the VC last week and some of the sisters committed them to baptism within a few minutes of meeting them. Crazy stuff.

My living arrangements are great - eight sisters in one house! My companion and I have kind of weird living arrangements, since our room used to be some kind of storage space and now it's a bedroom, but it works. We're still in bunk beds, so that's fun :) I've slept in a bunk bed every night for the past two months now and have yet to fall to my death. The Lord watches out for us.

I was doing so good sending letters to birthday peeps! I promise I'll get one out eventually. If it's a little early, you just have to wait until your birthday to open it. Even if it's late - you have to wait a whole year to-no, I'm just kidding. Sometimes I'm late (read: all the time).

It's happening. I'm gaining weight. I've gotten at least ten pounds heavier. My thighs are getting friendlier. I should try actually exercising in the morning when I have time instead of just "doing yoga" with Sister Ogletree, which is just a modified corpse pose the whole time. Yay for lazy day...every day.

We've had a problem with our appointments falling through, but we're still doing missionary work. We have one investigator on date (the twelve year old with ADD - her name's Mckayla), and another one that's really close. His name is Levi and he's a stud - he just needs to talk to his mom.

My companion is fearless! We went to Mckayla's to talk to her about setting up an appointment yesterday and see if she'd asked her mom about getting baptized yet, and she said she didn't, but that we could wait until her mom got out of the shower to talk to her. Sister Stobbe's like "Oh yeah, that's totally fine," And I'm freaking out, cuz we're sitting in her living room, in this house that reeks of cigarettes, one wall decorated with porn, and I'm remembering the last time I was here listening to her swear, and Sister Stobbe's just like "Yeah, sure, we'll meet with her." We wait for about ten minutes and then Mckayla's three year old brother, Steven, comes running into the room wearing nothing but his pride. Every missionary's dream (SARCASM). While we're covering our eyes, Mckayla's mom wrestles him into some clothes, and then Stobbe-Wan jumps right in and teaches her about baptism and the requirements and the Holy Ghost, and the whole time I'm just giving Steven candy so that he'll stop throwing things and running around yelling like some kind of animal and doing my best not to look at the porn wall. And her mom listened the whole time! Sister Stobbe taught her all about the priesthood and baptism in that environment! Can you believe it?? Gah, I hope I can be that powerful of a teacher some day. I have a lot to learn from her, to say the least.

Random sidenote: Mom, you would have a heart attack if you knew how much I love doing my laundry. It's my favorite part of P-day.

Alright, I need to get some more emails done super fast so I can do shopping and go eat some great sushi! Remember, send my other camera and get this out to la familia, so I can get some photographias. My Spanglish is perf. Te amo!!

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