Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Como se dice....PICTURES.‏

Guess what Iiiiiiii figured ouuuuut....MY CAMERA!!!

I still need to send it home, because it was pure chance that this worked, but hey - I'M ALIVE!!!

My Book of Mormon 1830's replica (should be in my closet)
More colorful clothing (PLEASE)
When the crap is Jessica's birthday??

So this week has been great, but I'll keep it to a few miracles for now.

We had Zone Conference a little while ago, and they showed us the map for the new Kansas Wichita mission - it's HUGE. They're taking the majority of our mission and the Colorado Springs mission and combining them, which means that a good portion of the missionaries here will be leaving soon. Bummer, right? Everybody just say a little prayer that when they change it in July, they don't move me or any of my little family of sisters I've made here. Transfers are coming up in a few weeks, and I'm already praying that I get to stay with Sister Stobbe for another six weeks. 

I'm glad you've been getting the pictures from the visitors here :) we don't ask any of them to call or anything - they just offer. Those people should get an instant pass to the Celestial Kingdom for that, if you ask me :) Or twinkled. One or the other.

Tell everyone thanks so much for the emails and everything :) It's so great to have this kind of support. BUT tell them to get me letters if they can, because I can read letters the day that I get them, but emails are only on p-day for a couple hours. And I'm putting together a letters binder. That puppy needs to get FILLED.

MOM. My companion's family sent me Easter goodies. You've got to come up with something. I may have downplayed this a little, but she really is THE BEST. If you're going to send candy, she doesn't eat any blue food (weird quirk, eh? she doesn't like the blue mouth thing. Smart, honestly. but still weird). This might sound weird, but she's a fan of infant-sized things. So you and Kennli go on a hunt and find the coolest miniature thing you can, ASAP. Seriously, though. She deserves something for being the best trainer in the world.

AH back to miracles. So on Monday, we took a member out tracting with us and got ALL of our member presents for the week in a single morning. It might not sound like much, but it's a GREAT miracle. We placed 3 Books of Mormonses, and one of them was pretty much on me. We were trying to decide which house to go knock on, because we needed to fit one more in, and I picked one. When we walked into their covered porch, I wasn't sure anyone lived there, because it was covered with junk and smelled like cat pee. we knocked on the door and the whole time I'm imagining this huge creepy guy coming to the door and telling us he was a Penecostal, but instead this sweet lady named Bobbi answered it. She's in her late forties, and used to be an investigator. She was RLDS until her dad died when she was 17, and the members there essentially ignored her. She met with the Elders and they took her to church a few times, but when her husband developed COPD, she had to stop. She took a Book of Mormon from us and told us that maybe we would see her at church sometime, because her kids live close enough to take care of her husband now. LADIES AND GENTLEMEN, THE CHURCH IS TRUE.

On a more depressing sidenote, we had to drop one of our investigators because he wasn't progressing :( Sister Stobbe had a long phone call with him that I just listened to, and it broke my heart. He's in a really dark place right now, but if he won't let us come see him, all we can do is hope that he'll come to us. He knows where we are, and what the Lord has to offer, he just needs to have the courage to take a leap of faith. And the only investigator we have on date - Mckayla - has been AWOL for about a week now. We haven't been able to get a hold of her or her mother, and she wasn't at church on Sunday, which means her baptism has to be moved back yet ANOTHER week. We're doing our best to keep our chins up, and we've been successful thus far. It's just a matter of supporting each other. I'm really learning how important it is to take care of your companion. And she's learning how to let me help ;) We're all a work in progress - I testify of that.

Well, tell everyone I love them!! Immediate family - thanks SO MUCH for the emails :) Do that EVERY WEEK. Keep me posted.

P.S. Poor Matilda. Well, I'm sure she's in Hamster Heaven, running endlessly on a squeaky wheel with no one there to take it out or douse it in WD-40. Either that or she's the happiest little demon in Hamster Hell, biting anything she comes in contact with and generally being her evil self. Thanks for taking such good care of her :) She was cute while it lasted.


Annika & Sister Stobbi

Tracting in MO


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