Monday, August 19, 2013

Jolly Good

Hello, family! This email shall be rather short, but hopefully you still get the general message that I'm alive and I'm living with a British lady now.
Yep, we moved! I'm not going to give you the new address quite yet simply because I don't have the time to look it up. BUT their names are the Merrills, and she is from England :) they are a lovely couple and he definitely plays the oboe. He was practicing yesterday before church and Sister Ewell and I were in heaven.

This week has been good! On Thursday, Sister Ewell had such bad allergies that she pretty much had to just lie there and do her best to breathe, so I took our area book upstairs and decided to make some phone calls. I said a prayer and asked heavenly father for one appointment. That's all I wanted. One. And then I opened our book to the Former Investigators' records and started calling people. I called about twenty, and guess what - WE GOT AN APPOINTMENT. Miracles! And then we went yesterday and she wasn't home haha but hey, I got what I asked for :) Next time I'm going to pray for two.

We're still working really closely with Cassie, and she's doing okay. She had to go back on some of her medication because her fibromyalgia was catching up to her, and she's been pretty discouraged, but she finally opened up to us last night and we were able to help her get feeling better. She always seems so down when we first get there and then by the time we leave she's much happier.

On another note, one of the best missionaries I've had the chance of working with is going home this week :( Elder Boyer has served a great mission and now he's going home to the land of eternal p-days. I'll send a picture of the four of us - he's the second from the right. Olathe 2nd missionaries correlating haha in their natural habitat.

Well, like I said, this is short...but I love you all and pray for you always!



Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

Look at how far I've come!

our ward missionary bleaching my hair (don't worry, I'm dying it back today). Her name is Jeralee Adams and she moves back to Bountiful this week :( we're gonna miss her

This is Sister Moseley - the member we used to live with :) And her dog, Rivie! They're both mostly deaf. Fun times
The sunsets here are seriously the best.

The sky in Kansas :)
This is what I do to keep my companion awake during our studies.

Our district :) And yep, that's Sister Stobbe! She was in my district this transfer, so I saw her at least once a week. It was the best :)
our zone :)

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