Monday, November 18, 2013

I've seen it all.‏

Well hello there, everybody! So we had a wide range of experiences this week and I'd like to tell you of some of them :) But I have limited time because I was looking up pictures of temples. So here's the rundown.
1. We got yelled off a doorstep for the first time.
2. We got a miracle referral from a less active member! We see them tonight.
3. Transfers came and I said goodbye to my companion of four months - PEACE OUT YO.
4. My new comp is Sister Doolittle and she's a rockstar.
5. I've been called as an Area Supervisor, which is the equivalent of a district leader for sisters, except without the priesthood and accountabilities.

Anyways, I'm totes out of time but I love you all a bunch - stay cool. Stay cool.
Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

 (l-r) Sister Doolittle, Elysa, Me, and Laticia (Elysa and Lil Kelly's mom)
 Elysa's little brother, Lil Kelly
This is one of our member's daughters, Eve
She eats ice cream and chicken enchiladas with her bare the same time :)

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