Monday, November 25, 2013

Faith Preceeds the Miracle‏

Hello, all my lovelies! It's a balmy thirty degrees here in Olathe, KS with your favorite sister missionarycicle :)

This week has been so awesome. I've had to number the miracles that I write in my journal (yes, in my journal. Count that as miracle # 0).

First of all, let's just talk about the miracle that I'm not sick yet. Everyone in Olathe is sick right now. In fact, by the sound of things out in UT, it sounds like most of 'Murica is sick right now.

Secondly, let's talk about the miracle that we have an appointment tonight with a part-member family and I'm SO STOKED. This nonmember is so prepared - she just refuses to acknowledge it. So we arranged our evening so that she could be there for our dinner, which leaves us eating at 7 pm (which is the latest I've eaten dinner since I left the VC), but you sacrifice for the things you love :) Like helping people come to Jesus (Tanner, I just had this memory of you singing that song on that one Sunday... "Climb to Jesus...Swim to Jesus...Fly to Jesus...Crawl to Jesus...Roll to Jesus... Hahaha man, you still crack me up from two states away.)

Thirdly in the ways of miracles, I want to tell you a story about Brother Bagley. Brother Bagley used to write for Hallmark cards, and his wit is about as sharp as his ballpoint pen (not that sharp, now that I think about it, but compare the ballpoint pen to the broad side of a two by four. Pretty sharp, huh? Huh??) Anyways, Brother Bagley had a massive stroke about two months ago and actually  had a clot the size of a golf ball that was removed. The doctors were saying that he would get about 80% back at the most, if he got anything back. Pretty dire straits. When Sister Ewell and I heard, we were devastated. I think everybody else was trying to brace me for the worst, because as soon as I heard, I just felt like he would get better. Now, especially with strokes, there's a difference with being okay and getting better. So people would say, "Did you hear about Brother Bagley?" And I would just be like, "Yeah - he's going to get better so fast, just you wait!" I just knew Heavenly Father would bring a miracle to the Olathe 2nd ward through the Bagleys.
Brother Bagley's come to church and taken the sacrament for two weeks now. Sister Doolittle went and sat with him and had an hour-long visit with him and his wife.
Faith - no matter the source - will always precede miracles, no matter what kind of miracles they may be. You're hearing this from the girl who couldn't move half her face two months ago :)

Anyways, I know that this email is pretty brief, and the pictures were few, but know that I still love you all :) I hope you're still seeing miracles wherever you are.
PS Christmas is seeping through at a WalMart near you... XD


Sister Annika Rogers

Forgot to add my challenge.
For Family Home Evening tonight, I would challenge you to have every person in your family talk about a miracle that they've seen or heard about or witnessed or read about. Write it down. Send it to me. I'm going to tape them on my wall :)

Me and Sister Doolittle in our matching shirts :)
This is me with Brother and Sister Bagley
The dog that our less actives got. not too happy about it, but he is cute. His name is Boomer.

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