Monday, December 16, 2013

No coat, no tights...I have a problem.

It's like 55 degrees out there. Somebody PLEASE tell Kansas that it's December 16th and this sister needs some snow.

One of the members in a neighboring ward is taking us to get pedicures (EEEEEEEEE), so this won't be too long. We also have a zone Christmas party :D so that's where I'll be for the rest of today.

This week has been an awesome one. Sister Doolittle was called to train on Friday, which means that I'm definitely leaving the Olathe 2nd ward. We got home that night and I called the Relief Society president to tell her and just cried a little bit. I've spent half my mission (literally) here. Leaving is going to be so difficult. I won't know until Tuesday night where I'm going, but it will definitely be to an area in the Independence Visitor's Center or the Historic Liberty Jail. No, because I served in the VC before doesn't mean I'll go to the Jail. Legitimately no idea - I just know I'm leaving. Stinks, huh. I have a list of people to say goodbye to...just kidding I highlighted the whole roster. I got a really cute goodbye card from a family - I'll attach a picture.

Sister Doolittle got the stomach flu this week, so I got to take one of the Laurels out with me. It was a blast and we saw some pretty sweet miracles. We also had an all mission conference and that was a blast. I think I was sick, though, because I didn't get the headache of pure excitement and happiness that I usually do. whatever's up with that.

In other news, my follow up trainer, Sister Lettig, goes home this week. Sad. Day. Yo. I'm gonna miss that little lamanite and all the goodness she taught me.

I'll be sending a package home, so I'll write on it where I'm going :) Love you all! Sorry this is short!

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

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