Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Even golden investigators need a little polishing...‏

Hello everyone! This has been an awesome week, and I hate to break it up so simply, but I have to keep it short so some other people can get to the computer. Stuff gets kind of intense in an overcrowded public library.

This weekend, Amy and Cameron will be baptized. I haven't talked about them too much because I wanted to do my 3 things, but they are awesome. Amy is 8 and Cameron is 11 - I will definitely send pictures :) We went over the baptismal interview questions yesterday and they were awesome.

​We have had awesome conversations with Doris lately about what it means to be a Mormon, and she loves it. She has the most powerful testimony - every time she bears it to us, my heart just about jumps out of my chest. She is one of the strongest converts I have.

My last transfer wouldn't be complete without a good shock...yesterday we welcomed in another sister to our companionship. Her name is Sister Harman and she is a white Poly and a Samoan Princes haha go figure. We love her so much already, and she has been a great addition to our area. She's jumped right in and started teaching like a champ :) The miracles are only beginning.

We also got in contact with Jackie this week, and have another appointment tonight. Can't wait to hear all about China and teach her some more!

Well, I have to get going, but I love you all and I'm trying to work hard. Any letters of encouragement would be great. And please don't count down...please. I'm trying to avoid that and just work straight to the end.

I love you all so much :) Keep me in your prayers, cuz you're in mine!

Sister Annika Rogers
 All is well.
Me touching an original wall of the Gilbert and Whitney store!
we got ice cream last pday!
There's a store in Independence called Scandinavia place :) Any of this look familiar, dad?
her year mark! My comp is a babe :)
Selfies with the seniors!!
The bittons!
All the sisters of the Independence VC with President and Sister Keyes :)  love them so much!
our little animal friend we saw in our area...what is it? Anyone know?

just thought you should know...they're both related to royalty.

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