Thursday, June 5, 2014

Love Everyone‏

When I was a brand new baby missionary, everyone tried to give me advice. 

It was all great. 

I really wanted to remember all of it. 

My brain doesn't work that way.

​I was pretty stressed because I wasn't really sure how to take it all with me, but I was able to fit it all under a couple of simple headings. The first one is very simple and extremely difficult: LOVE EVERYONE.

Love is the greatest motivator i​n the world. Because of love, two people were married in the summer of 1991. Because of love, a baby girl was born in November of the next year. Because of love, her parents didn't kill her even though she was a pain. Because of love, a family went camping every summer for 22 years and priceless memories were made. Because of love, mission papers were sent in. A missionary left home, then another. Because of love, I have received countless letters and emails and support from countless incredible people.

Because of love, a man died on a cross. Because of love, the atonement was made.

A world was created. A plan was presented. A Father chose a Son. We shouted for joy.

Love plays an integral part in missionary work - when we love our investigators, we teach them and help them change. When we love our fellowman, we talk to everyone we see. When we love our companion, we serve. When we love our leaders, we follow their counsel. When we love our Father, we are happily consecrated and obedient to the rules He has set for His disciples.

And, with that, I testify of our Father's love, and our Savior's love. It is real. It is oh, so real.

I love each of you :)
Sister Annika Rogers
 All is well.

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