Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Her setting apart:(typed up by her Grandma Ellis)

Feb 12, 2013
Stake President Puffer
"She's prepared herself well, and she's been prepared well.  I believe she's been foreordained."

President Parke -
"Parents need a class to get through this.  80 high school graduates (from Cyprus High?) already have their mission calls.  Blessings coming to you are amazing.  Excited for you.  Get out there and serve.  Don't worry about us here.  The Lord will bless you."
Our Father in Heaven has blessed you with a wonderful family and parents who have taught you well.  You have had good teachers and leaders.  Heavenly Father has blessed you with a testimony.

I bless you to go with a positive attitude.  Look for the good in others.  Also in companions.  You will witness some of the fruits of the gospel.  
I bless you with health and strength for the vigorous hours.  Increase testimony.
The Spirit will direct and guide you to places you should go.
Leave a blessing - as you keep mission rules, more study (you will learn) about Church History---
Your Father in Heaven will bless you.

Annika, as she hugged Julie, said, "Do you want to just come out and be my mission companion?  You're already here.  They can set you apart."

Stake President:  "Counsel to parents:  Write every week.  Share her experiences with everybody.  She'll do fine.  She'll do great.  You have raised her well.  She'll come back with a firmer testimony."

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