Monday, September 23, 2013

EFY all over again...‏

Remember going to EFY/girls camp and it's just like a straight up spiritual rocket boost?
That's how I feel right now.
This week was full of awesome meetings - we had zone conference on Thursday in Independence for most of the day, and I got to see some of my favorite sisters from the VC up there! Ah it was so good to see them. You don't know pure joy until you see two sister missionaries reunited. We're cheesy over the TOP.
Then on Saturday...WE WENT TO THE TEMPLE. That's right! For the first time in like four months I went to the temple! I just wanted to cry the whole time. They announced now that missionaries can be baptized for the dead (we couldn't before), so we did the WHOLE shebang (except for sealings because I decided I want my first sealing to be with my hubby). It was seriously so great, people. I LOVE THE TEMPLE. my comfort wall is covered in them haha.
My zone leader, Elder Ofahengaue, says hello haha I'm an obedient missionary so I'm just passing the message along.
There were a couple of announcements made at Zone Conference that I want to pass along because I need your help. First of all, we're not using backpacks anymore. Yep, I just bought a new backpack a month or so ago and now? No more backpacks. We're all using shoulder bags! Yay! My problem is that all I brought is my grey purse, and that was NOT constructed to hold, there's a birthday request haha a nice shoulder bag that is professional but doesn't make me look like a businessman. I like the fake leather look, and I don't really care what color so long as it's professional :) This isn't an urgent request, but definitely the beginning of a birthday list.
Also, any Christmas packages sent will need to be shipped by DECEMBER 7th. Yes, that is really early. I don't know the whys of all things, I just know we are to do them.
PS I love Christmas.
I've had a lot of intense studies about some deep stuff because apparently I know doctrine well, so other missionaries have come to me with's kind of scary. BUT I love studying all the little details of this stuff. Today I was learning all about resurrection - best EVER. I need a t-shirt that says "I Black heart (cards) Bible Dictionary"
Sorry, this is a really scattered/brief email. I've just had a lot of spiritual dumping and it's very difficult to share these kinds of things via here's a mormon message haha it's a lesson I'm learning very well
 The Lord trims us down so that we can grow up and into ourselves, people. I have a testimony of that.
Today I'm getting my knee looked at finally because the darn thing is still complaining. My left knee is my favorite. Quiet and hardworking and not a pain. I'll be sure to give you an update as soon as I know something :)
I don't have much else to add...we're just doing great :) I love you all and I'll send some pictures.
PS thank you for all the written support it makes me SO happy - Bonnie and Deidre and Nat and Mom/Dad and erryone.
Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

  • One of the little boys in our ward threw a rock through a car window and we cleaned it up for them haha good times :)

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