Monday, January 6, 2014

Can I please be reincarnated in the Bahamas?‏

Hey, folks! I know, one wimpy email after another...promise that your letter will be good...especially considering that I didn't get a letter out last week. Oops. Anyways. It's a balmy -2 degrees's actually so cold that we've been told by President Keyes not to go tracting or stay outside too long, just in case of frostbite. WHAT. Where am I?! Anyways, my week in bullet points:
-bought a new camera...then traded it in for a nicer one
-dropped an investigator after she told us that she has a testimony of reincarnation
-took a couple through the Historic Liberty Jail...on their first. blind. date.
-spent two hours at the doctors today...only talked to the doctor for 5 minutes
-have an appointment tonight with our new investigator who speaks mandarin chinese...
-sweet miracle with a less active yesterday :) thanks to the snow!
-Last and definitely my least favorite, had a dog stick his nose UP MY SKIRT. Owner = not apologetic.
More details in the letter :)

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

Even though they're dirty, I LOVE THESE BOOTS
The repealing of the extermination order. . .dated 1976.

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