Monday, January 13, 2014

Here to stay is the jailbird...‏

Haha it's like sixty degrees outside - definitely NOT a winter wonderland. I can't believe it's January. The weather here is so backwards. Can't wait to have normal seasons in Utah.

Hey errybody! This week has been a blast :D We had a miracle yesterday - we had our first investigator at church! His name is Jon and it was SO awesome to finally see him there. We have an appointment with him on Wednesday night...can't wait to tell you all how that goes.

Had an awkward situation happen...we went to a member's home for dinner prepared to eat with her and her little boy because there was a note on our roster saying that she'd moved to get away from her husband, who we are not to have any contact with because he's in trouble with the law. Well, we get the correct address (it was wrong in the roster), arrive at dinner to find our member, her son, two daughters, and husband. Yep, the one we were not to contact. Needless to say, we were surprised, and so was the bishop when we told him the next day...moral of the story is, don't keep secrets from your bishop because he will always find out. Always.

So this week, I wanted to start a little trend :) For the next six weeks, I will be spotlighting each of the prisoners at the Historic Liberty Jail - Lyman Wight, Sidney Rigdon, Alexander McRae, Caleb Baldwin, Hyrum Smith, and Joseph. I would start this week, but I'm out of time :( p-day with other sisters is always crazy.

I love you all so much :) Add my invite to Sister Youngbergs - go read D&C 121 :) LOVE YA

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

the cat that was protecting Sister Singh's purse while we vaccumed her human's carpet
Sister Singh and I at the temple
our elders - Elder Manusaouloa and Elder Dayton (the wind kicked up perfectly haha candid shot)
their model shot

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