Tuesday, January 21, 2014

I'm going on a diet.‏

Because of the ten pictures I've sent home, six of them involved food. Sister Singh told me that the reason she loved me was because I eat...a lot.

Anyways. This week was totally awesome! We have an investigator with a baptismal date! I finally met Karla, she was the last of our investigators, and she is awesome. She told us that she still wants to be baptized and she said yes. She just needs to quit the cigs...never ever ever start smoking, children. EVER. that's where we spent our morning - wiping tar off the walls of her apartment as a deterrent, so she won't buy any more cigarettes.

SO I promised you I would talk about the guys, starting with Sidney Rigdon, so here we go :)

Sidney joined the Church in 1831, when six missionaries met him on their way down to Missouri to teach the Gospel to the Native Americans. Rigdon joined soon after. Rigdon had served for some time as a baptist minister, preaching for a sect called the Disciples of Christ. So when he did, so did a good portion of his congregation. Best lesson ever taught to a recent convert, I'll say. When imprisoned in Liberty Jail, Rigdon was serving as the first counselor in the first presidency of the Church, and was Joseph's right hand in many things. In January, the men were given an early hearing in which they could be represented by a lawyer, or they could represent themselves. The other men chose to be represented by Alexander Doniphan, a legal man who was very friendly to the church. Rigdon represented himself, and, using his talent as an orator, did such a good job that those listening took up a collection plate for him. Sidney was let go on bail, but waited over a week in the Liberty Jail, still fearing for his life. The jailer finally gave him a pistol and he left. After the martyrdom of Joseph Smith, Sidney remained in Illinois with a small group of followers who eventually left him. He passed away and is buried near Nauvoo.

I love Sidney because he and I have something in common - our mouths get us in trouble :) He's a great guy to learn about, and the first one I talk about because he is the only prisoner not portrayed in the Jail as we see it today.

Sorry that was kind of long-winded :) if you find anything on a church websites that contradicts what I said, please go with the website haha

I love you all!

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

Waffle House!
This is my food.
Waffle House pt II.   I ate it all!
  •    Seva Indian Quisine‏.  With my Indian companion!  Well. . . mostly Indian.

Once we went to this really yummy sushi place...I tried wasabi. THAT was fun. Man, forget exercising. If I can't wake up in the morning, I'm just going to go take a lick of that.
This is the cell tower we can see from our house. It's a giant pencil. Pretty cool, eh? Haha...missouri is so weird.

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