Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Let the thirteenth month begin.

Man, I can't believe I was in the MTC a year ago. When you're all-in to anything, the time absolutely flies. I feel like I just got here yesterday...but I also feel like I don't recognize the girl that was in the MTC. She had way healthier hair than me, for one thing...

Speaking of hair, the humidity is only good for it when it's warm outside. The second it gets cold, it's brutal. Just FYI.

So I'm low on time (surprise), and I want to tell you REALLY quickly about this awesome miracle we had. So last week we got to an appointment early and decided to knock on a door. Sister Heylen picked a cute little brick house just across the street from the member we were eating with. This cute little great grandma opens the door and lets us right in. Her name is Ann and we LOVE her. At first she was like, "Oh no it's okay I'll just read my Bible." But she reads the Book of Mormon and loves it. Last time we saw her, she told us it was scripture (HAAAAAALLELUJAAAAH!). The really cool miracle that I wanted to tell you about, though, was that she told us about her husband, Will, who had passed away some years ago. She had an awesome experience after he passed that has left her believing that there's something more for her to do here on earth, but she doesn't know what it is. We testified that this (the Gospel) is what she's been waiting for, but she never really acknowledged that until yesterday! She was sitting in her big armchair with the Book of Mormon in her lap and she just kind of rapped it with her knuckles and said, "Maybe this is why I'm still here."


It seriously took all of my self control not to just stand up and say "YES, ANN. THIS IS IT." Instead, Sister Heylen and I just smiled and nodded.

Man, I luff this stuff.

The longer I'm out here in Missouri the more I just come to love the Gospel and my savior. I've also discovered that once we understand why we're here and what the crap we're doing, our love for others increases. This Gospel is one of healing and happiness and hope and all the other (good) H-words.

Another good experience with Ann was that I've discovered that old people just talk about ANYTHING. So she goes off about how ministers on TV think that we just hang out in the grave until Jesus comes, but she doesn't think that actually happens and besides what about those people that get cremated? Will was cremated and that worked out fine and she decided that's what she's going to do. She's going to get cremated.

Sister Heylen smiled as big as she could and just said, "Oh FUUUUUUUUUUN."

I couldn't even teach, I was laughing too hard. I say again - Heavenly Father absolutely SPOILS me with companions.

Anyways, keep being awesome :) Go stare at the mountains for me.


PS it's 60 degrees today!! WOOOOOOO!!!

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

This is Cobe. He's our mascot.

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