Thursday, March 27, 2014


What is this witchcraft haha I'm back living in the Willis house, serving at the VC from March to July AGAIN?? What the what! The Lord has a sense of humor my friends :) That's one of the best things I've learned on my mission! I'm even in the same part of 12 week that I was a year ago...just on the other side of it haha.

It was SO hard to leave the Jail. My last shift was Wednesday and I just sat on the bottom floor and cried. You can't go into that place every day and teach people about it without being sanctified and humbled. I miss that a lot. Leaving Shoal Creek was super hard, too...but it helped knowing that I would be back for some of the baptisms we're going to have there. Miracles are still happening...even without me haha. And of course, leaving Sister Heylen was the WORST. It's so hard because you spend 24/7 with these girls and finally they become your sisters. I LOVED serving around here - never a dull moment, never a day I didn't learn something. My abs are turning into flabs again because I don't laugh anymore haha

BUT my new companion is Sister Walton :) She is 19 (woot!) and from San Diego...which only confirms that all my companions at the beginning were from the SLC area and now I have outgrown that and moved to California...spiritually. We are having a lot of fun and teaching a lot of people! We are serving in the Raytown ward, which is proving to be a LOT of fun haha we have some sweet investigators. My favorite is probably Ben - he's this tall black guy who was born in Louisiana. Every time I talk to him I feel like I'm living in Princess and the Frog! He has a super thick accent, so he's kind of hard to understand, but he comes to church every week and is just all around a champ :)

Being back at the VC is HARD. I feel like I don't know anyone for starters, and I've changed so much since I was there the first time. "But Sister Rogers," you say, "You've only been gone 8 months!" Well let me tell you something. The Lord takes you and puts you in the refiner's fire every day and you're gonna be a different person at the end of 8 months.

Anyways, that's my week. Sorry this is scattered - I always save the best for last. Love you all so much and thanks for the letters, Ellis fam! You guys are the best!


PS I've only gained 10 lbs total on my misison - it is possible, sisters :) miracles happen. Blessings of service.
Sister Annika Rogers
Back at the VC haha candid pics are the best
Raytown missionaries! Elder Wininger, Elder Crowton, me, Sister Walton
I ran into some people from Olathe! They just put sisters in the Heritage Park ward (which used to be the southern 3/4 of Olathe 2nd) and they came to pick them up :)
My mom went home this week :(
Leaving :(

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