Thursday, April 17, 2014

Easter :)‏

Hello everyone! I'm hoping this finds you all happy and warm :) You should all know that I pray for you daily and love any and all updates I get from you.

This week has been spectacular! I will tell you all about it in a letter home because I ran out of time... For now,

Everyone watch this video and then share it with everyone you know. It is SPECTACULAR and the Church produced it specially for the Easter season. SO GOOD.

I love you all so much :) Take care of each other
Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

My companion in a shifty elevator...
Me, Sister Walton, and the Goodrich's! Jeff Goodrich wrote the songs Oh Lord, My Redeemer, and I Heard Him Come. It was so awesome to get to meet him and thank him for the comfort those songs have given me :) He was so humble and I secretly gave him a hug before he left. Shhh don't tell.

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