Thursday, April 24, 2014

Guuuuuurl you better get CONSECRATED.‏

Helllloooooooooo world!

This has been a crazy week so I'm really hoping I can pack it into one email!

1. Killed a brown recluse in our bathtub this week. His name was Aragog, and he fought a good fight. Also gave us a good fright. Man, you think sister missionaries are ridiculous until you put three of them in a bathroom with a big spider.

2. We're in a trio now! Sister Morris (one of the sisters from my MTC group) is now one of our tripanionship! We are having a blast and trying to cover two areas at once haha miracles are still happening but mostly we just laugh a lot and drive around like madwomen...especially cuz I'm the only one that can drive haha stinks...

3. Went to the Nelson-Atkin Art Museum again! Family - we're coming back to visit this place someday soon!

4. The Visitors' Center is picking up again! I have taken some of the most spiritual tours through - I love it when missionaries bring in investigators because it gets WAY more great. Love it.


So a while ago we did a special study session on the word "consecration". This word has a lot of different meanings, as we are in the county where the saints first started living the law of consecration, we use consecrated oil in blessing the sick and afflicted, and we consecrate our time and talents to serving the Lord. Further study of the term, however, led me to the conclusion that consecrating is something that the LORD does by His authority (AKA the priesthood). Well, I've been set apart as a missionary, but I don't feel that I have been adequately consecrated I've rekindled my efforts towards exact obedience.

Confession: I do not do very well getting up on time. Didn't happen before my mission, isn't a miracle that's occurred now.

So, in an effort to consecrate myself and return to obedience, I made a pact with another sister in the Willis house that if I wasn't up when she came downstairs, she would spray me with a squirt bottle to help me get out of bed.

Yep, just like you used to do in the summer, Mom.

Guess what? It works haha count me as consecrated...

Let that be a funny story/reminder of the importance of obedience.

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16
we were there in spirit

@ the eye doctors... :P
@ the nelson atkin art the rain.

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