Thursday, April 10, 2014

I don't even know what ate my time this week.‏

My BYU application is finally finished haha so I have no excuses.

But I only have time to tell you all that I love you and that I will write a good letter for my mother to put on my ya!

Watch this: Mormon messages hope ya know we had a hard time
Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

We made our house breakfast for conference :)
I keep getting hurt.
This picture fell off the wall and hit me in the face...darn baby Chloe.
Saw this truck just after conference...

"It was the load!"

Her response to why so few letters and how things are going:

We're only allowed to write letters on our p-day, which ends at six. We've actually been ending our pday an hour early lately because we want to be obedient and be out of dinner by 6:30, something President Keyes has asked us to do specifically. We email for 2 hours and do our grocery shopping, as well as any other shopping we need to get done, and we have to do our laundry, which isn't too taxing but gets annoying if you don't do it right then. I actually had to wash a load twice last week because we didn't get it done all at once. Also, anything fun that we want to do we have to do on our pday - museums, art galleries, anything. We wash and vaccuum our car, which is provided us by the church through tithing funds, and we also clean our apartment. We also carpool with another set of sisters, so if we finish on time and they still have things to do, we have to wait. After all of those required things is when we typically write letters.

That's why my letters tend to be short and my thank you notes even shorter. I haven't intentionally ignored anyone. Usually I simply run out of time. There are always more letters to write...some of them just don't happen.

I loved conference :) we watched some of it at the Stake Center near the VC and then some at the VC. We had some connection problems, so the 2nd Saturday session was watched on a smartphone...I can't imagine waiting until next month. (like Braxton)

Training is good. It's just hard.

The trees are starting to bloom! I'm waiting for the blossoms to actually come out so I can send you a picture. The humidity is spiking up again...BLEGH.

Love you so much!

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