Thursday, May 29, 2014

A couple of bullets and a dead mule. Not what it sounds like.‏

This is the part where I do a bulletted list of my week to show you that I've done things but I don't know how to put them into funny phrases and silly sentences.
  • Had some good heart-to-hearts with my companion and now we're as tight as peas in a pod.
  • Scared the crap out of my companion and miraculously we're still besties.
  • Found two awesome new investigators this week.
  • One of them is going on vacation and the other is moving.
  • Tracting on Memorial Day = most awkward thing ever (the Missionary Handbook LIED to me...holidays are terrible finding opportunities).
  • Went to an expensive museum today, the best part was the dead mule on display. Poor Lawrence.
  • After the dead mule, the coolest guy ever made my burrito and I took a picture of him with it to commemorate.
  • Realized I only have two months left.
  • Had a heart attack as a result.
  • Just kidding. Heart attack, no. Migraine - yes.
In order to prevent the pathetic bullets happening again, I'm going to break down my last couple of emails into a spiritual structure so that they will be fulfilling. The next three will be all of the advice I received before my mission lumped under three main headings.

("Oooooooooh, AAAAaaaaaah...")

Ha just kidding.

Seriously, though. This mission stuff is the best thing in the world. Two months isn't long enough. If anyone reading this is wondering whether or not they should go, allow me to make up your mind - GO (Mormon 9:22).

I love you all!

(the pic is Lawrence the mule...the only casualty on the Steamboat Arabia when it sank.) 
Sister Annika Rogers
 All is well.
Playing with puppies :)
It flash flooded haha
We killed the snapdragons you sent us...
First chigger bite of the season!
the wheel's not from the Arabia, but some of the rotors were. Pretty sweet!
piece of the Steamboat Arabia, the museum we went to see today :)
Poor Lawrence

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