Wednesday, April 10, 2013

And the rain came tumbling down...‏

I thought I knew thunderstorms...then I came to Missouri. Talk about THUNDERstorms.

Mom - the clothes you sent are so cute. Thanks so much :) They're perfect for this nice warm weather we've been having here lately. Also, the humidity is TERRIBLE here. Didn't know I had curly hair until yesterday. It's out of control. I tried straightening it today...hopefully that helps...but we'll see. 

HELLLOOOOO FAMILY!! (And Chey/Tasha/Steph/)

This has been a great week! How about those conference talks, huh? One of the other companionships had some investigators there - a brother and a sister, ages nine and twelve - that watched the Sunday morning session of conference, when President Monson told his great story about the matches. By the time they left, both kids were saying, "I love this Church! I love the Prophet! He's so funny!" It was so perfect for them, and I've learned from my Dad and from experience, that there is no such thing as a coincidence :) 

We had the chance to go to Liberty with some recent converts (don't worry, they were baptized before I got here. I'm not witholding any miracles, I promise). It was incredible. That place has such a strong spirit there...I would almost compare it to the temple, but maybe just a few notches down from that. And that rumor you heard about being able to take a picture of Christ through the bars of the windows? Definitely true. I couldn't get a very good one...guess I'll have to come back someday. Bummer.

Time for the exact opposite of a bummer - my favorite aunt and uncle came to visit me!! (Sort of kidding) They call me up from the basement and tell me I have a visitor and there's Marcy and Jason standing upstairs. I just about knocked Marcy down, I was so excited to see her. It was the best surprise ever - conference weekend is just a weekend of miracles, I think.

Speaking of miracles, we finally managed to get ahold of Mckayla! I don't know if I mentioned this in my last email, but we haven't been able to contact her for a while. Her house was empty every time we went to visit, and her phone didn't work. At first we were just frustrated, but then we started to get worried. She's not living in the most favorable of situations, so we were worried something had happened to her. But we dropped by her house yesterday and her uncle came out to talk to us! We were so glad to hear that she was okay, and now we'll be able to meet with her and get her re-excited about baptism! If she comes to church one more time, she gets the all clear for the dunk.

As we were leaving Mckayla's, we managed to cross paths with Emily - another investigator that we haven't been in touch with. She had just got in a big fight with her boyfriend, so we were able to sit and talk to her and invite the Spirit a little bit so she could feel some peace. Day of miracles, I tell you. Oh, and we gave a Book of Mormon to a Buddhist lesbian and she said she would read it. Not sure how that's going to turn out, but she was probably one of the nicest people I've met here, so we'll see.

Okay, time for a funny story that I've been dying to tell you - for the past few nights there have been crazy thunderstorms here. Like, pouring - POURING rain and endless flashes of lightning. Needless to say, I've been in heaven. Last night our house was struck by lightning. Don't worry, everyone was fine. But Sister Stobbe and I were in the middle of our nightly prayers; I was crouched up on the top bunk, and she was kneeling on the carpet. This bright flash lights up our room, followed instantly by thunder so loud it made our windows shake. I jump up, almost nailing my head on the ceiling, and Sister Stobbe lets out this blood-curdling scream. I start to laugh and look over the edge of my bed, and she is nowhere to be found. Somehow in the half a second that it took for the lightning to hit and me to look over the edge of the bed, she had launched herself onto her mattress and was huddled in the far corner.

Hopefully Heavenly Father understood why we had to take a five minute laughing break in the middle of our prayers.

And with that, I bid you adieu until next week :) I love you all so much and can't wait to send you pictures of our trip to the WWI museum...(you can be jealous, Daddy). Give everyone my love and send letters!! My binder needs filling ;)

Sister Annika Rogers

Isaiah 49:16

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