Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Movie marathon...‏

This week has been really looooooooooooooooooooooong...but still good.

I had the flu for the better part of the week - from Tuesday to Thursday - and it was so bad that I couldn't even leave the house. So I just laid in my bed and hung out with another really sick sister and watched the Testaments. Which, by the way, is my new favorite movie. Know why? Because in the three days that my respiratory system was so jacked and I was so achy that I couldn't sleep, I watched that movie seven times.


The Testaments seven times.

Now, some of you may say, "Ick. Cheesy church actors reenacting a corny love story set in the Book of Mormon 3rd Nephi era seven times?? No wonder you were sick." But my friends, let me tell you something. The more I watched those cheesy actors portray that window of the Gospel's history, the more I loved it.

Also, Jacob's got some abs and Cohor is the nastiest creep ever. AND Laneah is also Joseph Smith's sister in The Prophet of the Restoration (which I also watched twice, thank you very much). I honestly wished that I could've studied instead, but I was too busy coughing and sweating through a fever with clammy hands and did NOT want to touch the delicate pages of my beloved scriptures.

Transfers came! Sister Singh is in Overland Park, and my new companion is a redhead from Sacramento (all of my companions are either from the SLC area or the San Francisco bay...). Her name is Sister Heylen and we mostly just laugh all the time. I'm going to have the abdominal muscles of Jillian Michaels by the end of this transfer.

Funny story time (man, haven't had this in forever): so, since the Liberty house where all the sisters live is so old, there are vents connecting all of the rooms, which really doesn't seem that big of a deal but it's still hard to do studies when you're listening to other sisters talk and fart and all that. SO we've covered the vent in our study room with a shoe box lid, and every time our door shuts, the lid lifts off the vent as if a little ghost were laying curled up in the vent gently puffing air to make it float. "Puh...pwuh..." It's really not that funny now that I tell you all, but whenever Sister Heylen wants to make me laugh like a fool, she just puffs a little air.

True story.

We have a mission conference Thursday...not too excited because Sister Stobbe will be bearing her testimony for the last time and you know that's going to stink. We have Karla's baptism scheduled for the 22nd still :) She said the prayer at our last meeting and it was so awesome! She was holding out on us :)

Sorry this is so mellow - kind of had a long day but we're still happy!

Love you all!!!

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16
Hallmark Visitors Center in downtown Kansas city!!

Me and my sick buddy, Sister Sommer. I miss her!
Crawled in there in a skirt. Yup.
Sister Heylen and our favorite of Gramma Dabler's cats - Shadow :) she trained him so good.
My favorite (and least healthy) dig!
Downtown :)

Sorry haha I still love selfies.

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