Friday, February 28, 2014

Work in Progress (poem)

(A poem I wrote on Sunday.  This was going to be included in my email, but I ran out of time.)

A work in Progress

Even though I may not know what God has planned for me,

I know He's got something in mind that He wants me to be.
Not a runner, 'cause I'm not fast.
Not a base-baller, 'cause I can't catch.
Not a photographer or a professional pianist,
And definitely not a dental hygienist.
I don't got the brains for science, or the guts for outer space.
Don't think I'd make it in movies-I haven't got the face.
Not a singer, Not a politician.
Probably not a mechanic or magician.
Probably not a soldier, architect, or painter.
And though I do love chocolate-chip cookies, I wouldn't make it as a baker.
Architecture, astronomy,
Nomenclature, zoology,
It sure does seem like I got jipped
Of anything you'd call a gift.
But-if you look deep-you'll see
That I'm the best at being me.
I may not be a baker, but I'm a good cookie-taster.
Definitely not a photographer, but still a picture-taker.
I'm not an astronomer, but on any given night, 
I'll appreciate the stars that grace the sky with Heaven's light.
I'll never host a talk show or entertain a crowd.
I'm content to make one good friend laugh-it doesn't matter how loud.
I probably won't put out an album or star in a hit movie,
But I'm a talented car singer, and I keep Hollywood busy.
I give good hugs, I don't like math, I'm pro at saying "sorry".
And though I may not look too strong, I have some burden's to carry.
I know how to brush my teeth, I say a decent prayer.
I may not eat my vegetables, but say "chocolate" and I'm there.
With all these quirks and imperfections, I do seem quite the mess,
But I take heart in knowing I am God's work in progress.

I love you all so much!

Love always,
Sister Rogers

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