Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Time flies on wings of lightning...‏

I can't believe it's been a year. I thought I would be smarter by now. Haha I remember when I first got here and all the sisters that had been out for a year were SO knowledgeable and spiritual and I couldn't wait to not be a new missionary anymore...

I still feel like a new missionary haha sometimes I still get the little shock of "Holy cow, I'm on a mission." Isn't that supposed to wear off sometime?

This week has been a blast! We've seen some awesome miracles but I'll just tell you about the main ones.

We have an appointment with Karla tonight and it's going to be awesome! She's scheduled to be baptized this Saturday, and we're going over the interview questions tonight so she'll be all prepped and ready for the big day. We took her to the Visitor's Center on my year mark and watched the Joseph Smith movie. She loved it.

Totally forgot to tell you...earlier that day we got to hear from a general authority - Elder Martino. He was so awesome haha I wish I could be more detailed than that but he pretty much just talked about the importance of members, which I agree on. Missionary work would be devastatingly pointless without the members.

Another miracle/funny story is that yesterday was a pretty slim day as far as teaching goes because we were celebrating one of the senior couples' last day at the Jail and that threw our schedule off a bit. As we were driving back from our area (we live about a half hour from our area, which means that we spend at least an hour a day driving just to get into our ward boundaries...six hour jail shift, two hours of studies, one hour for dinner...we usually average about two to three hours of proselyting time a day. And we still get the same numbers as the missionaries that are full-proselyting. Who says there's no such thing as miracles?), Sister Heylen decided to go back through all of our contacts in our phone and call the ones we didn't know.  One of the conversations went something like this:


"Hi, is this B?"


"Hi, B! This is the mormon missionaries!"

"Oh, hi!"

"It's been a while since we saw you last! How are things!"

And she totally bluffs her way into an appointment! I was trying not to laugh too loud the whole time. Sometimes missionaries tell little lies so that we can save some souls. Heavenly Father knows.

Okay, and the grand finale of my email...the biggest miracle ever...is Vikki! Visitor's Center sisters get the awesome opportunity of using Chat. If you go on Mormon.org and click the little button that says, "Chat with a us," there's a decent possibility you might talk to me (don't you dare, Mom). We do this about a half hour to an hour each day. Last week we had the opportunity of talking with a woman named Vicki who was looking for help. We answered some of her questions and got to know her a bit, and eventually the conversation got to the point where we asked if we could call her on the phone. She said Yes! This was the first time that had happened. So she's on her way to the lobby of her apartment complex when...our chat disconnects. CRISIS. Most times that's the end of the story...BUT she got on and requested to speak with us, and then...it fell through AGAIN. DOUBLE CRISIS. Now we were sure we wouldn't talk to her again or even get to put her in touch with missionaries....but Jesus was really loving us that day because she found us again! We talked to her on the phone and gave her info about church in her area :) She was nervous about going in Yoga pants but we told her if she just told people she was looking for the missionaries they wouldn't ask any questions.


This work is hastening, people! 

I wish I had more time but I still gotta send pics. Love you all! And thanks for all the v-day things!

The Book is blue,
The church is true,
Moroni's on the ball,
and God knows all.

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

Balloons from Utah to MO.

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