Monday, February 3, 2014

Sometimes snow comes when you need it. . .

Like when your companion gives you a sinus infection right before transfers. It's supposed to snow about a foot here on Tuesday, which means that we'll most likely be shut down for the whole day. A big bummer for missionary work, but It means I can take some time to recoup because that doesn't happen on Pday...Pday is the most stressful day of the week.

Anyways, as you can see from the pictures, this week was busy :) We have seen a lot of miracles! Here they are in list format:
-J. accepted a baptismal date
-Karla went to her first Addiction Recovery class
-We got keys to the building
-Attended a baptism for North Kansas City and it was the bomb
-Went on exchanges with an awesome Puerto Rican sister and visited as many Spanish people as possible

This letter is going to be really scattered, because my sinuses are exploding, but in brief news, our training calls came this Friday (yeah, this transfer FLEW). Sister Singh and I didn't expect anything because we're still so new to the area. Friday came and went, no training call. All was well...and then Saturday morning, the AP's call for Sister Singh. I've been freaking out ever since...I'm not ready to take over an area and I don't like playing companion roulette...but I trust that the Lord and President Keyes know what they're doing. 

So I totally slacked off last week...let me tell you why I love Lyman Wight :) He was one of Sidney Rigdon's congregation that joined with him. Lyman had a solid testimony of the Prophet Joseph, and it was actually his firm stance on the prophet's divine call that got him into Liberty. Once, when the men were caught in an escape attempt, the jailer, Samuel Tillery, attempted to chain the men to the floor of the dungeon. Lyman Wight said, "Judge Tillery, if you put those chains on me, I will kill you, so help me God." The men went without chains :) Following Joseph's death, Lyman led a small group of followers to Texas, where he and Joseph had discussed would be a good place for the saints to settle. Brigham Young wrote Wight repeatedly over the years, begging him to return, but he never did.

Lyman is a great example of bravery and endurance - I love him particularly because he is the only mannequin in the Jail reconstruction that actually has emotion on his face.

Anyways, I love you all so much. Pray for my sinuses...

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

2nd coming from Liberty jail :)
Mark came into the jail!
This is how we do it...
 This is the lights from the temple reflected on the storm clouds :) best ever.

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