Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Assistant to Leuitenant Lettig here...whiskey whiskey juliet delta.‏

HAPPY TUESDAY TO ALL MY PEEPS! Utah! Junction City! Minnessota! Virginia! Wherever else this thing ends up! You all look lovely :)

So this week was a week of fun and MIRACLES! We had a baptism on Saturday - Levi's! Levi was the very first person I taught in the real world of the mission. His service was awesome...the Spirit was so strong and everyone but me cried haha I don't get emotional when I feel the Spirit anymore (blessing of serving).
It was super weird to move his name from the "Investigators" column on our white board to the "RCLA" (recent converts/less-actives) column. He's been there for over a year haha bit it was a good weird.

We've been meeting with Rashida regularly and teaching her the new member lessons, one of which is about the temple. Guess who's going to the Kansas City temple with a great new convert and her mom and an awesome senior couple...! This girl and her companion! We're already planning to go visit Rashida down at BYU Hawaii when we're not missionaries anymore and we can actually hold Zaira (she pretty much had to twist our arms, but we eventually gave in).

Okay, miracle story. Once upon a time we went back over to a member-slash-investigator's house (they both live there haha) to teach the lesson of the Restoration and finish sanding some antique stairs, and Sister Lettig put her on date! She totally awkwarded the invitation question, but I guess that just goes to show that you really expect to see miracles if you don't have the Spirit, cuz Lacey said yes! And then we went back to work and I finished sanding the one stair all the way down to the bare wood! All kinds of miracles can happen when you've got the Spirit on your side :) One down, fifteen to go.

Another miracle! When I was still an infant missionary, there was an elderly couple that came through with their grandkids that were being taught by the assistants to the president. About a month ago they came through the VC again with some friends of theirs. I had the chance to take them through again and they were just all wonderful people and we had a great experience. I saw them again on Sunday evening and was talking to them with Elder Brenchley, the site director, and they told me they're getting baptized on July 6th! I got really excited and asked if I could come, and then realized I should ask Elder Brenchley first, so asked him instead (haha rapid fire questioning - I'm still the same person). Brother Schnell said to Elder Brenchley "We would love it if she could come, because there were some things that she said and did that were instrumental in our conversion." Except it wasn't really me - it was the Spirit. BUT i'm still so excited to go to the baptism!!!

The only sad thing I have to tell is that we had to drop Paul...it was too taxing on him emotionally and mentally to meet with us, so we're just going to call him spontaneously and wait for the time to be right. Sad stuff. 

Also, transfers took a lot of great sisters. BUT all these newbies are pretty swell, too. Sister Zito's new trainee is Sister Moody, and she's pretty much awesome. Baby Moody haha makes me Aunty Rogers. Fun times.

Gather around, Children of God, because it be time for some mad funny story telling. Once upon a time, in the land of Independence, I had a companion that was perpetually hungry. Dear Sister Lettig is constantly either eating or hungry, which makes every day an adventure. Whenever she gets hungry, you never know what she's going to do. Fast Sunday rolls around and she becomes a whole new person - super quirky and weird and just generally unpredictable. Every now and then she just looks at me and says, "I'm so hungry I could eat your face." I think she's joking...
Okay, so that story was much more lame than you thought it was going to be. I'm going to start keeping notes this week so I'll actually have stories to tell when I write my next email.
Stole the subject for this email from Stobbe...what can I say? I'm my mother's daughter (literally and in the mission genetics).


PS It just started raining like the kissing part in a Nicholas Sparks movie.

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

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