Monday, June 3, 2013

I have to expand more on the miracles. . .

We got a letter from Annika today that I just have to share.  I think she's really getting into the work and loving it!

She writes:
"So, first, there's Rashida's baptism.  We were helping her get ready before hand and she was really nervous and scared.  Her mom is active LDS but her father is Muslim.  I don't think he's ever told her mother that she can't go to church, but it's definitely been a trial they've had to overcome.  Rashida's husband isn't a member of the church, even though they met at BYU Hawaii and she's mentioned before that if she'd been baptized in Hawaii she might have made a different choice.  He's slightly anti and she's afraid of her daughter having that same experience that she did with her parents, and she doesn't want to have to go through what her mother did.
We said a prayer right before the baptism started, and after she got into the water, when she was waiting for her grandfather to get situated, you could see her praying for strength and confidence.  In the split second before her grandfather started the baptismal prayer, her entire countenance changed, and you could see that she KNEW it was God's will.
I can't express how wonderful that experience was.

The second miracle was Levi getting his parents' permission.  Levi actually wanted to come to the VC with them and take them through God's Plan For His Family.  We took them through and stopped in the last room to talk.  We discussed what they'd just watched and had Levi tell them why he wanted to be baptized.  They said they supported him in whatever he wanted to do.  So I asked him again if he would be baptized on June 1st.  He started to cry and looked at his parents and said, "If you'll let me."  They both said yes, and he started to sob.  His mom gave him a big hug and she just held him while he cried and said, "Thank you so much."  Needless to say, I didn't have to take my makeup off that night-  ha ha.  There wasn't much left on my face.
The Church is true, just in case you were wondering.

Also, Sister Lettig's new calling?  For the past couple weeks, I've been praying for a mountain to climb (read/watch "Mountains to climb" from President Eyring), one that would make me more like those missionaries I've learned to admire.  Well, here come the mountain!  I have to be obedient and diligent and essentially a good missionary from here on out.  Not that I haven't been, but I've got to step it up.
God answers prayers!  Amen.

Speaking of prayers, you're all in mine!  Love you so much :)

Love always,
Siser Rogers

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