Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Once upon a time, my companion got a concussion.‏

Don't worry, everyone...she's alive. But she's not allowed to play soccer with the elders as long as she's my companion.
Wingapo, errybody ;)

So this week has been fun and busy and there's really not a whole lot to tell you about. Don't worry, though, I'll still try to provide some entertainment and upliftment.

Well, we dropped two investigators and then had another one drop us, and then one try to drop us...i think. We texted her on Sunday because we hadn't seen her at church and she said she feels like she's been neglecting her church and her family and she's not ready to give up on them yet.

So...it feels like we got dropped, but when we asked her if she's still like to meet this week, she said maybe next week, because she's busy and she needs time anyways. We're really not sure what to do with her haha but I feel like something out of our control happened. Either way, everyone's got their agency. In my opinion, she just doesn't quite recognize the need for the gospel. I mean, she's got a job and a car...just graduated high school, going to start college...has a nice boyfriend and a good family...not really in a position to open up to Christ, which is a shame. Good thing he'll still be standing at the door, knockin' until she figures out where the handle is.

I've discovered with people that drop us, that I don't get so torn up about it. There are a couple that I do, because the reason they have to drop it is just because the adversary works REALLY hard on them (like McKayla and Paul), but for the most part I understand that Heavenly Father doesn't trust me enough to let me screw up somebody else's salvation.
It's quite comforting, actually.

So this week has really just been a matter of housekeeping haha cleaning our area book and organizing our white board and figuring out where to spend our time, which will be a little easier to do because THE VC GOT ANOTHER CAR WHICH MEANS HALF THE WALKING THAT WE USUALLY DO!!!
It was a happy day in the Independence Stake haha for all of us who have been hoofing/biking it.

Alright, so I've got to tell you the story of my compcussion #punthatijustmadeup #notreallyfunny #butwhatevs So, every Monday morning, all the missionaries in the immediate area come together to play sports for exercise. Since it's gotten warm out, they play soccer. Every. Single. Week. I'm not a huge fan of soccer, or sitting on chigger-infested grass, so I just stay home and do the regular (it's called sleep-stretching; stretching in a group while half-asleep. mostly it just turns into a sprawlfest, but nobody cares haha).
So she comes home from playing soccer and tells me that she got nailed in the jaw by one of the elders' shoulders. She even kind of bit into her lip and had a bad headache. I kind of laughed at her and then didn't think anything of it, but about two hours later we were going to study, and she couldn't focus because she was so tired. So I checked her pupils (don't worry, Mom, you taught me well), and they were normal, so I told her to lay down and take a nap. That's when the big dropping of the investigators happened haha housekeeping...
Well, a few hours later we're getting ready for an appointment and she's just acting really goofy, which I just thought was great because usually it's just me. But then I notice that she keeps changing conversation topics without any real warning and her sentence structure was kind of sporadic. She couldn't remember anything she'd studied and, kind of without warning, burst into tears.
I called the mission nurse and she told Sister Lettig to take it easy the rest of the night and I was to check on her and call if anything changed.
I secretly love taking care of my companions haha especially when they hate it. But honestly, there's no point in having her out of commission for a week because she wouldn't take it easy for a day. Good thing she listens to me. Kind of.

So that wasn't really that funny haha but I'm tired and happy so you've just got to deal with it :D I'll tell you a real funny story now (two in one email! What! #storytimeequinox)
So we were out tracting in a cute little apartment complex, and we knocked on one door and talked to the lady...found a new investigator...and asked her if there was anyone in the area that she thought would benefit from our message. She pointed next door and said they were nice and would be interested, so we go over and knock. Everyone in Inde has a storm door, so that's what we knocked on because the real door was open so we could see into his apartment. So we watch him come down the stairs and he sees us with our name tags and starts to grimace and wince, like it causes him pain to see us on his porch. He starts wagging his finger at us, and still wincing and grimacing, shuts the real door in our faces.
You really try hard not to laugh when you walk away from someone's house, because that can seem very rude and is definitely NOT what Jesus would do...but we couldn't help it. Tears. Tears of joy. Again, God doesn't trust me enough to let me ruin someone else's salvation. Someday both his doors will be open haha

They're going to integrate internet proselyting! We're doing regular church tours! And we get to be a part of it! What a great day to be a missionary - and a member of this church! We're all in the work of salvation together :) And on that note, I have homework for you.
I challenge you all to call the missionaries in you area and tell them you can go with them on team-ups. They need you. We need you. Who knows, maybe if y'all step it up in Utah, your missionary in Missouri will be blessed. Just sayin'. :) Okay?? Ask the missionaries how they need help! You guys are the kind of team-up that I would like to have. Lessons work so much better with a member present - the investigators will be happy to see you, and much more willing to talk to the missionaries. Conversion is easier when they have an example to follow. I dare you to make the change that we just heard our Prophet and apostles asked of us on Sunday :)
This challenge applies to everyone that this email reaches. Missionary work isn't just about missionaries anymore. It's about you.
Every member a missionary :)
I just want to promise you that you will be blessed for this. It may not seem like you have time, but if you will make the time, you will feel the spirit more, you will make friends, you will see miracles, you will bless the missionaries. Those of you preparing to go on missions - this is the best practice you can have. Those of you that have been on missions - guess what, it didn't end when you were released. The best way you can show your gratitude for what you've been given is by giving it to others.
This is God's work, and he's asked us to help. He doesn't need us, but we need Him :) So let him use you!
I love you all and want to hear how this goes :) No options haha you have to do it! I can't wait to hear about it!

I love you all! Gotta go eat lunch...UNTIL NEXT WEEK!
Love your favorite Missourinary :)


Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16
Since my companion is a Sister Leader, I get to go on 4 exchanges per transfer! Yay. *sarcasm* Anyways, this one actually was a bunch of fun - this is Sister Mikaeli Zito, the girl I found on facebook before the Mish. I got to be her companion for a day! How cool is that?!

For Fathers' Day, the Samoans in our ward made these for all the leadership in our ward - including the senior elder that attends church with us! It's made out of gummy worms. Is that freaking cool, or what?!


This is a cute little family I took through the VC! All their kids are adopted - they're from American Fork. The little girl in the stroller's name is Lizzie, and she was just adopted three years ago from Ghana! totally bridged the gap between my mission and Braxton's! Cool, huh! The kid making the face is Brigham (middle child syndrome?) the other boy is Carstyn, and the blonde girl's name is Reese. They were SO adorable, and I gave them a Book of Mormon and challenged them to give it to someone as a family so that someone else could be as happy as them :)


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