Tuesday, June 11, 2013

I made a list of stuff for to tell you!!‏

And I left it on my bed.
Hey peeps :) Hope all is well in Utah because I haven't heard from any of you for the past week or so...
Meanwhile the tornado's are still ripping up the Midwest and the mission division is coming soon!

We at the Visitors' Center have been privileged to be asked to sing at the conference right before the mission split. We'll be singing a really pretty arrangement of God Be With You Till We Meet Again and also the Kansas Wichita Mission song! One of the elders serving here in Independence, Elder Top, has a great gift for music. He wrote an Independence Mission song and President Keyes asked him to write another :) It's going to be really emotional, especially God Be With You. Sister Lettig and Sister Sant (the other Sister Leader), were asked to help place some of the sisters. So Slettig (New nickname - courtesy of a guy she's writing) knows what's going on haha don't worry, she hasn't told me anything. But we should find out relatively soon where we're going to be. I'll go wherever the Lord needs me, of course :) I learned my lesson from Nephi.

So this week we went to the temple with Rashida! She did baptisms for the dead and we snuck in a session right before! It was so great and spiritual - she was so excited to be there. It's so awesome to see this come full circle. We've been blessed, to say the least. And the KC temple is just like Brigham City - pocket-sized! But it's so beautiful. One day when I'm incredible wealthy, I'll bring you all back here and show you. My favorite part of every temple I've been in is still the chandelier in the celestial room :)

Also, this Saturday is supposed to be when Stobbe comes back! I'll let you know next week how that goes but needless to say I'm FREAKING STOKED.

Okay, funny story time. And this week, it's a real one :)
So if you don't know me very well, allow me to tell you a fun fact about Sister Rogers - I have a hair phobia. Got it from my Momma. Loose hairs on me, on the floor, in my comb = NO BUENO. The vacuum at the Willis House is the worst, because it refuses to suck. Hairs get all trapped up in the bristles and then a brave sister has to pull it out periodically. TOTES NASTY.
So last night we come home, flip on the light in our front room, and what's waiting to greet us but a BIG NASTY HAIRBALL WITH A FACE. Some of the sisters KEPT THE HAIR and glued a face to it and had it LYING IN WAIT to give us a freaking HEART ATTACK when we came home. They even named it. NAMED IT.
It's still on the floor in our front room. His name is Cleofus. I'll send a picture of him. I can't eat downstairs anymore.

Anyways, just lovin' life and dealing with the summer rush of the VC! We've had a lot of bus tours come in (anywhere between forty and eighty people at a time), and they're definitely my favorite thing ever. I can't wait to bring you back and introduce you to all these wonderful people that God has blessed me to associate with :)

AND CONGRATS TO THE GRADUATES!!! Jessica and Chey and Steph and Tasha and Braxton and Korbin and Kennli! I know the last two are just moving up a grade but hey that's a big step! 

Korbin - Logan Chatman's (I think that's his last name) dad came into the Visitors' Center! It was so cool to talk to him haha enjoy this summer before high school, cuz this is just the beginning of where the real fun is at :) And Kennli - you gotta write me some letters! I don't know what's happening with your life and you're gonna be in Junior High! We gotta stay in touch before you get too cool for me :)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TANNER!! Way to go, Stitch :) You made it to 16! You be careful dating - only date girls that help you be better, and you treat them nice. Never keep them out past curfew or Dad might kill you. You're such a stud and I know you're just going to have so much fun :) Never hesitate to represent your Heavenly Father or exercise that priesthood power you hold. I've missed having that in my house :( maybe one of my brothers can just come and hide in our basement so if we need you we can just call you haha

Also, Braxt - my friend in Africa had some advice for you on your mission:
"well don't eat monkeys that's one of the places aids came from, when you see the dude with the ak47 sometimes they aren't having a good day, sometimes in a foreign country to blow off language woes it's good to create an alter ego and play around, be careful what you eat, and don't get hit by a motor cycle it stings a bit."
So there you have it haha don't worry, it's not as scary as he makes it sound. But I would probably steer clear of the monkeys, just in case.

Hope you're all well! I pray for you every night :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

PS I just studied this talk this morning while I was trying to ignore Cleofus. Thought you would like it :)

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

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