Wednesday, May 8, 2013


Well, this has been one INTERESTING week, to say the least...First, a brief list of things for you for to send for to me...

OKAY so my adventures this week include packing, rethinking my life, and info on Skype.

To all involved with the Skype call this Sunday...I can't give you a specific time, but I will call sometime between 4:30 and 6 MST. Don't know where yet haha but I will. Tell Braxton not to worry about his Mission Call...but that better be the first thing I hear. Or tell him to write it to me. The suspense is killing me. AH.

Okay, so I've had some fun this week haha it all involves old people, so strap on your depends and grab the pea puree cuz these stories will rock your textured socks off.

One of our investigators that has a baptismal date is being evicted, so we went to move her out. Her eighty something year old mother, Geraldine, lives with her, and recently fell outside and broke her arm. The investigator, Brenda, took off the splint to give her a bath and couldn't figure out how to put it back on. When we went to her house, we were going to help her pack so they could move out before the eviction carried through. Her mom was sitting on the couch, in agony, her arm propped up on the arm of the couch. They gave me the sling when I asked to see it, and then I said a little prayer and started to help this sweet old lady put it on. Somehow I figured it out (tender mercies), and she said it felt much better. Before you're all impressed, let me just inform you of some of the cultural norms here in Inde, one wears a bra. Teeth are optional. Everyone smokes. So with that in mind, I'm trying to velcro this thick band around her bra...just...droopin' on down. Meanwhile, this house reeks of cigarettes and incense, which my clothes still smell like, and this sweet old lady is giving me encouragement as best as she can without teeth. We got it figured out and then started to pack away her things (PS Geraldine collects miniature things, and there were easily a hundred that we had to wrap in newspaper. So fun. I took pictures haha). But here's the great part...I loved every second of it. The rest of the time that we spent packing, I was just thinking over and over, "I could easily do this for a career...taking care of old people." Conditional on their wearing a bra, of course.

Also, exchanges were yesterday. We went to a hospital to see one of the other sisters' investigators, and i ended up wheeling a little old lady down to her activity time. We took her down there and all these old grammas and grampas are offering us coffee and other stuff, and I'm just so happy the whole time. Making them laugh and just chatting with them. After we left, the sister that I was on exchanges with turns to me and says, "You're really good at this!"

So there's that to think about...maybe I won't be an English teacher...maybe I'll end up a nurse like my mommy :) wiping bums and meeting crazies all day long hahaha.

Welp, love you family :) Thanks for all the letters! Shoutout to Tonya and Natalie and Korbin and my Mom and...Jessica...if I forgot anyone I'm really sorry...SUNDAY IS THE DAY ;D LOVE YOU

Sister Annika Rogers

Isaiah 49:16

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