Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Skyping with Annika on Mother's Day

We got to Skype with Annika on Mother's Day.  It was so AWESOME!!  The internet connection was not cooperating the whole time, so we ended up skyping and using the phone.  We were just so happy to see her and to hear her voice.  We were spoiled and got to talk to her for over an hour.

She had invited her friends Cheyenne and Stephanie and Tasha (who wasn't able to come over).  We each took a turn talking to her and updating her.  Then she took a turn and gave some advice to all who are planning to go on a mission.  She recommended that they go to bed by 10:00 and to start studying the lessons in Preach My Gospel.  She also advised them to be 100% obedient and to love everybody.

She told all of us to not let a minute go by that we can learn more about the gospel.  She said she testifies to others daily about eternal families and plans on our family being together in the eternities.

Before she said goodbye, she asked if we could say a family prayer.  She asked Ryan to say it.  She knelt in front of the lap top she was using and we knelt around the i pad as Ryan said a very sweet family prayer.  There were lots of sniffles on both ends.  It was such a sweet experience to have a family prayer with everybody together-kind of.  Saying goodbye was difficult, to say the least, but well worth it.
We were a little excited to see her :D

Annika on the ipad.  She looks sooooo good!!

An updated family photo. :]

Jessica, Braxton, Kennli, Ryan, Korbin, Tanner, Cheyenne, Stephanie

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