Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Tornado season is upon us‏

This week's been crazy!! We've been so busy in the best way possible!
First of all, I went to Adam-ondi-Ahman and saved us a spot haha that place is great. The spirit there is so strong...and so are all the bugs. Seriously though, it really is like the Lord's outdoor temple. I hope you all know we're coming back someday. No options.

We finally met Paul!!! It was so great - he's easily the most sensitive, thoughtful man I've ever met. We gave him part of a church tour and then some of the elders here gave him a priesthood blessing and we took him to the VC. As we were leaving to walk him back to our team-up's car, he was like, "Wow, I feel great...I haven't felt like this since I was a kid." He says he still wants to get baptized, but we have to get him to church haha he had to miss this week cuz his uncle got really sick, but we'll see him there next week :)

The investigator that we were kind of tug-of-warring with the other sisters chose to be taught by them, which is totally fine. It's actually working out really well :) And the one sister that I have to pray for every night leaves in two weeks. But who's counting?

We taught Levi Law of Chastity and Word of Wisdom last time we saw him (missionaries thrive in awkward situations...embrace it, Elder Rogers), and talked to him more about baptism. It's sounding like he might have to wait until he's baptized, but in his own words, "(He) can't wait any more." SO we'll see...June might be the month.

RASHIDA IS TAKING THE DUNK THIS SATURDAY. We met with her last Saturday and she was a little hesitant about it, said she wanted to read and learn more...but then when we talked with her after the lesson, she was kept saying "when I get baptized..." We were talking to her for a while after because we were mowing her lawn (her dad has really bad arthritis so he can't do it very well, and Sister Lettig had never mowed a lawn before). On Monday, she texted us and said that she for sure wanted to be baptized on Saturday! So that will be the day :D There will be many pictures, don't worry.

Also, there was a tornado warning :) No big deal haha we're supposed to go to the nearest member's house and hang out there, but since we don't live in our area and our basement is super ghetto, we went and sat in the VC Director's house haha it was actually a lot of fun. He and his wife are great people - Elder and Sister Brenchley (Dad, he was the conductor at the MTC for a really long time so you probably met him). And we didn't get blown away, although a crapton of trees got split down the middle.

And guess what...I'M DRIVING TODAY!! For the first time in a couple months I'm driving! :D Scary stuff hahaha

Haha okay, time for some funny stories. So a few nights ago, I get out of the shower and hear someone knocking on our apartment door. Sister Ogletree comes in to give our DVD player back and asks where everyone else is. I'm like, "I don't know...Sister Lettig was in here writing in her journal just a second ago." After she left, I go look at Sister Lettig's bed to find her out cold...I'll send you a picture. Under her face is her glasses, her patriarchal blessing, and our phone. And she brushed her teeth five times in one day haha why do I keep getting compulsive teeth-brushers for companions??

Anyways, expect some pictures soon! Love you all! And thanks for the letters. They help more than you could possibly understand.


Sister Annika Rogers

Isaiah 49:16

These are triple-combinations we made for our investigators. Cool, eh?

our investigator and her baby girl!

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