Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Skype adventures and a miracle and AFRICA‏

And now we know how Skype works...or doesn't haha it was so great to see you! AND SIERRA LEON OH MY GOSH AFFFFRICAAAAAAA!!!

I hate to say this, Braxt...but I don't think you're going to tan. You'll probably just get a ton of freckles and then your eyebrows will bleach, just like they did in the summer when we were little. So don't get too high of hopes.

Hey shopping list! Yay! I'm going to be sending my coats and stuff home soon because yesterday was about eighty degrees which with the humidity feels like ninety eight. Won't need a coat anymore haha. So expect a package...and then send it back in about six months. Also, you're right about the humidity, Dad. When we do our resitations in the morning, I have to keep convincing my body that it's not drowning. And I think I mentioned this in Skype, but I'll bring it up can't email videos :( they don't work.

We met with our investigator, Delanie, yesterday, and got to know her really well. She's so conflicted about which ward she needs to attend and which missionaries should teach her, but we've told her over and over that no matter which ward/missionaries she interacts with, the Church will still be true. We've got an appointment scheduled with her tonight, but I don't know if we'll hold it. If not, we'll be back on our bikes in the ninety-whatever degree humidity (wooooooooooo...). I really want to teach her, and I'm definitely 200% done with our sister leader's blatant disobedience (PS this kind of situation is called "poaching" there's that), but whatever the Lord wills. I've learned my lesson on ignoring His will hahaha...ha...but seriously.

MIRACLE TIME!!! So about a month back, there was a man baptized in another ward named Rick. I'm pretty sure I've mentioned him before, but brief reminder - Rick was blind at the time of his baptism. Shortly after he did the dunk, he was given a priesthood blessing by one of the elders here, in which he was promised that he would be able to see again. Yesterday, Rick came into the Visitor's Center, able to see perfectly out of one eye. Haha the way he told the elder that gave him the blessing was by waiting patiently for a handshake, one hand out in front of him. When Elder Jensen went to shake it, Rick snatched his hand back at the last minute haha it was great.
So for those who say that miracles stopped when Christ died, and God has withdrawn himself from us, I stand as a personal witness that that is false. I knew the priesthood was a real power years ago, and after having that testimony for so long, I'm finally able to say that I have witnessed a miracle at the hands of someone holding it - I've seen a blind man be healed at the hands of a boy not much older than me, acting humbly in the name of Christ. God has not, nor will He ever, abandon us.

Let me slide the soapbox back under the table nice of the library people to let me leave it here. OKAY, on to a funny story :)
So yesterday we went to meet with Rashida (who is still on track to be baptized on the 25th), and it turns out we had a little miscommunication so we didn't get to see we did some tracting, found some potential investigators (PS Daddy, I've got to send you pictures of some of the houses here...there is an entire area of JUST historical houses, thank the Lord for Harry Truman, and then there are houses that I really don't know what people were thinking when they built/painted them...), and then jaywalked up to the gas station where one of our members worked to get some water cuz it was DANG HOT. So we go in and I grab a bottle of water and some Pringles, go up to the desk and she's like, "No, no, don't pay for that...come sit behind the counter and rest." So she opens the little fiberglass door and we take our seats...right in the middle of the cigarettes and whiskey. Every missionary's dream :) haha we sat there for about five minutes, and then our ride came - one of the senior couples from the visitor's center who are leaving soon - needless to say, Sister Pugsley didn't expect to find us hanging out in the tobacco and alchohol.
Good times.
Well, I'm going to go buy some sunscreen and good tracting shoes :) Watch this late Mormon Message about Mother's Day and think of me :) LOVE YOU ALL!!!

Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

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