Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The rains came down and the font filled up...‏

Tornado warnings still abound, but I've been spared thus far, so...guess there's still something out here for me haha that or it's just Zion.

HELLO FAMILY AND FRIENDS AND A HAPPY WEDNESDAY P DAY TO YOU ALL (I know, full-pros peeps. Weird. But it's my life, so what do you expect?)

This week has been a week of freakin' MIRACLES!!
Rashida took the dunk on Saturday, and Levi will be taking it this Saturday! Crazy stuff, right?? We weren't even teaching Rashida a month ago, and Levi's been taking the discussions for more than a year. I've been so blessed to teach them and watch it all work out :)
This p-day's been crazy so I can't send too many pictures this week, but that's okay because the important thing is that I'm alive and I'm working hard :)

My companion got called as the new Sister Leader at the Visitor's Center! Which means that instead of one exchange per transfer, I'll be going on nine. Don't worry, pictures will be taken. Funny stories will be told. Adventures will ensue.

BAH time is the worst! Sorry about the lack of legitimate stories but I'm working on it. NEXT WEEK WILL BE BETTER AND I SHALL WRITE AS MANY LETTERS AS MY RIGHT HAND WILL ALLOW.

Thanks to everyone who sent me letters and emails! You are all beautiful people and every stamp you use gets you that much closer to the Celestial Kingdom. LOVE YOU ALL BYYYYYYEEeee...!!!

Sister Annika Rogers

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