Tuesday, July 2, 2013

So much happy in one email...‏

Oh mah gash this week was crazy. HAPPY TUESDAY, PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!!! This week has been one of seizing cats and temple trips...between those and shaving my legs with lotion this morning I think I've pretty much done it all. 

First of all, last Tuesday my good friend Sister Moody and I went to the Community of Christ temple. It's kind of like an art gallery...just in case you were wondering. Lots of weird things that their members have donated. It's remarkable in that way, and in the architecture, but as far as spirituality goes, there's not much there. It's quite sad, honestly. Our tour guide kept mentioning that their church is an evolving church and that they have an overall message of peace and acceptance and this organ has so and so many pipes and this cross is made of 100 different kinds of wood from 100 countries since they're a worldwide church and look kids isn't this glass remarkable that was donated too isn't that lovely this tapestry has a woman participating in an ordaining because we are an equal rights church...not too much about God or even Christ. Very different from the next day's experience. Oh, yeah...I don't think I mentioned yet...WE GOT TO GO TO THE TEMPLE AS AN ENTIRE MISSION. That's never happened before in the history of a.) my life, and b.) the Missouri Independence Mission!!! It was so great! I got to see Sister Stobbe again and she was even in my group for the endowment session! It was like heaven when we walked into the Celestial Room - there was President and Sister Keyes waiting to greet us, and some of my besties waiting on comfy couches! Not to mention the gorgeous chandeliers, which are always my favorite part :) The whole day was kind of like in Alma when he's finally reunited with Ammon and Aaron and Omner and Himni, and he sees that they're all okay, and more importantly that they're still his brothers in the Lord, and Ammon's joy is so full that he falls to the ground a couple of times. When I saw Stobbe I just kind of tackled her and then we were in this huge group hug and I thought I was going to just die and go straight to the Celestial Kingdom haha I was so happy. 

The next day we had exchanges, and I was with my old MTC comp, Sister Diederich! We had a lot of fun going out into the sketchiest area by the tracks and then getting rained out. Seriously though we thought a tornado was going to come down and suck us out to Oz (PS how was that movie?). But we had a lot of fun haha kind of put Melissa on date for August 11th but that's kind of shaky so more later. 

Remember that one investigator that some other missionaries and us kind of tug of warred over? She was baptized on Saturday! Her parents were there and they're so nice. If only they didn't have a thing against organized religion...they'd make great ward missionaries. 

Sunday we went out on our bikes again which was an adventure...we've been really trying to just meet people on our ward roster that we've never heard of before, but we're having this problem where they've all either a.) moved, or b.) won't answer the door. 

We did the same thing on Monday, but we were in a car so it wasn't so bad. We've met some great people and seen a lot of beautiful parts of our area, but we haven't met any of the ward haha. 

There's one family that our bishop has asked us to see a couple of times - the Cookstons. We went to see them yesterday and ended up knocking on their storm door, the real door was open, and no one answered. So we went next door and then as we headed back to our car saw that the real door was shut. I was a tad irritated. Sometimes I just want to tell people (especially at the VC) "I'm not a babysitter, I'm not an entertainer, I'm not a tour guide - I'm a MISSIONARY." Some people don't know that. Surprise. Also, the next time you go to the zoo or the museum or something, please keep your kids under control. Maybe Karma will help me out so that I don't keep getting huge groups of restless devil children. 

OKAY funny story...so we're teaching a cat lady...went to her house for the first time and she answers the door holding this crippled cat. Seriously, this thing looks fake. While we're teaching her she's feeding and watering it and doing kitty physical therapy to it, and we're just trying our best not to laugh. Halfway through the lesson, this thing has a FREAKING SEIZURE. Hardcore, rolling eyes and tongue flicking and everything. Sister Lettig and I were pretty calm when it happened, but after we were just like "Was that real life?!" That lady's probs getting baptized soon. But y'know...weird stuff happens haha. I love you all! PS hopefully you did your homework from last time. LOVE YOU ALL BYE -- Sister Annika Rogers Isaiah 49:16

Creepy art in the Community of Christ temple...

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