Monday, July 22, 2013


It's back

This morning I received a call from the mission nurse.  She informed me that Annika thought her Bells Palsey was back and that they were going to have her go to the ER to be seen. She promised to update me later, which she did.  She let me know that Annika had been to the ER and after having a CT scan done, they confirmed that it was her Bells Palsey. She told me that Annika had been given a prescription for an antiviral med and Prednisone.  She said that Annika sounded as happy and positive as always.
Later in the day, Ryan and I were each pleasantly surprised to get a call from Annika.  Her mission president, President Keyes, had given her permission to call, knowing that it would bring us a lot of comfort to hear her voice.  He was right!  It was so good to be able to talk to her and find out how she was doing.  She said that her "Bells" headache had come on about three days ago, but she got worried when it was sending pains to her shoulder.  That is when she called the mission nurse.
She sounded a little discouraged saying that she isn't able to blink her eye at all and her speech is slow.  But at the same time she is positive and trusting in the Lord, looking to see what she is to learn from this trial.  As we talked we were grateful for the tender mercy that Heavenly Father blessed her with.  The Bishop in her new area is a doctor in the ER that she went to.  She was able to call him that morning and he took care of her during her visit.  I felt extremely grateful as I was reminded that she is being watched over and taken care of.
In the ER.

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