Monday, July 29, 2013

Sufferin' Suckatash, Sylvester...‏

It's official...the Bell's is back.
I'm taking steroids and some kind of antiviral nastiness (they pretty much just slipped me a horse pill and said this should fix it faster). I can ALMOST close my eye. So close.

So this week has been great! We've been busy trying to find some new investigators and none of it has really worked out. We got our first referral this week and tracting is NOT effective for us. We're mostly working with less-active members of the ward, which is kind of fun, honestly. They're all just wonderful :) It's really fulfilling to help them find the path again.

I'm sorry my emails have been so skimpy as of late - I promise I am doing missionary work, it's just not the kind of missionary work that is super instantaneously rewarding.

So we're working with a couple of less-actives that want to go through the temple on August 13th. They're in a kind of bad living situation, but we're trying to get them to move into a better apartment. The problem is that they've come into a lot of money as of late because of the husband's disability, which is good but bad, because now they keep buying things they don't need. Like a dog. they bought a dog. A big puppy. Bull Mastiff. An $1100 dog that they don't need. It's very difficult not to just take them by the shoulders and shake them and say, "BUDGET BUDGET BUDGET." That's not socially acceptable, though, so we don't do it.

There was a baptism into our ward - a mother and daughter, Elysa and Laticia Thompson. It was such a great service :) And I got to see some of my VC friends haha Sisters Zito and Moody came down. Sista Zito and I were cracking up making jokes about my face - she's a good sport.

So about the face :) It's still not movin', but I can lift the corner of my mouth a little bit so hey, we're just improving lol one facial muscle at a time. I'm already excited for the day when I won't have to tape my eye shut every night.
I've decided that this is a trial that is preparing me. You know, sometimes you come across trials that push your faith to the next level or realign your perspective? Well, this one is just for me. I'm definitly learning the meaning of patience and humility. It's hard not to be able to smile at people or eat without covering my mouth or pray clearly, but I know that I literally cannot do missionary work like this, unless Heavenly Father helps me. Like I said, humili-to-the-tee.

Thanks so much for all your love and support :) I feel your love clear over here haha and thanks for the letters - my primary class and Tonya and my mom (of course). Don't worry about writing me too bad, errybody. You're helping me stay focused.
PS I tore a hold in the pocket of my backpack. I'm a real missionary.


Sister Annika Rogers

This is what my face looks like right now.
    Kind of like this :S
This is what the weather has been like lately... also, notice that there is NO HORIZON IN KANSAS.  Creepy.

Me feeding a goat :) baby goats is cute an creepy.

We think we're funny haha we got drunk texted...wrong number

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