Monday, October 21, 2013

A few miracles!‏

Again, I was too busy reading my little brother's email and now I'm short on time.
Let me tell you of a great miracle that we saw this past week. Last week while I was emailing, a gentleman sat down next to me and introduced himself as Dave in Despair. He'd read my nametag and had talked to missionaries before. So he sat down and started to talk to me about pretty much everything, telling me all of the many struggles he's had lately and how he feels very distant from God. We gave him some resources to help with some of the issues he'd described and then gave him our number and told him to call us. Not going to lie, I didn't really expect a call. But he did call us! And we set an appointment - which I didn't expect him to hold. But he did! We had a really scattered but good first lesson, and invited him to church. He latched onto the idea of our church functioning more like a family than a congregation. MIRACLES. He didn't make it to church, but we have his phone number and actually just saw him a few minutes ago. You can't get rid of missionaries that easily :)

Kelsey, who we invited to be baptized, is doing good. She still needs to establish a better pattern of communication with her Dad before she can be baptized, but she came to church and we're seeing her again this week to teach her the plan of salvation. Hopefully I'll still get my wish of having a baptism on my birthday!

Well, I've got to go...sorry this is so short again. I love you all! Thank you so much for the letters, everyone!
PS ALBUHKIRKEE!!! Just realized I can't spell that.


Sister Annika Rogers
We volunteered in an old schoolhouse!
In our true character :)


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