Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Lucky Numba 4

Okay, let me essplain something to choo.

Here in the Missouri Independence Mission, we have this thing called "The Standard of Excellence." The Standard of Excellence pertains to the Key Indicators for conversion, which are simply the things that each investigator needs to progress in this Gospel. There's an entire section on it in Preach My Gospel - look it up :) So our Standard of Excellence only pertains to six of the Key Indicators, and they are as follows; 1 investigator baptized per month, 2 investigators with a baptismal date per week, 3 investigators at sacrament meeting per week, 5 lessons taught to an investigator with a member present per week, 2 new investigators per week, and 2 reactivated members per month.

Ladies and gentlemen, with the help of the Lord, Sister Ewell and I reached all of the standards except new investigators.

And overall, we exceeded most of them! This week, we taught 26 lessons. 76 lessons so far this transfer - we have a goal of 100.

The most impressive Key Indicator, the real miracle, was that we had FOUR investigators attend church this week! That's right - FOUR. Kelsey, John, Renee, and Bailee (yes, she's back on our radar!) were all at church! As well as many of the less actives that we have worked with. And blessings in disguise -  our ward mission leader was home sick this Sunday, so we (the missionaries) taught the first lesson! Which was what we've been meaning to teach Renee for a long time!

I don't think I explained about Renee let me essplain something else to choo.

There is a gentleman in our ward named Roylee Perkins.. He's kind of like Grampa Ellis, but with a handlebar mustache. (forgot G. Ellis shaved it off...guess the word "mustache" could have sufficed) Brother - or as the Elders and myself have taken to calling him, Uncle - Perkins is one of my favorite people in the Olathe 2nd. I say one because really they're all my favorite, but he and I have very similar senses of humor. He feeds us about twice a month, and its always a party. When he does feed us, he typically brings his friend, Renee. They've kind of dated for a while, and I'll be honest - I really want them to get married. So that's how we found Renee - through Uncle Perkins.

Renee is the classiest lady I think I've ever taught. She works in Real Estate and is generally just a wonderful woman. We asked her to read the intro to the Book of Mormon last time we ate with her and what did she do? MIRACLE ALERT - she read that AND the first 5 chapters!

The next time we teach her, we're going to invite her to be baptized :)

Just wanted to give you a referral for some awesome reading - Our Search For Happiness. Easy read, great spiritual boost.

I'll be sending pictures ASAP. Thanks so much for all the letters, especially from the Girls' Trip - so good to hear from everyone.

Okay, I have homework for you folks...remember S. Gifford Nielsen? Used to play for the Y? Spoke in conference? No, he wasn't the one that had the fly land on his face...anyways, he gave an invitation at General Conference that I don't know if you've heard. Well, I would like to reiterate that. And I have some advantage to this - I know each of you personally, and I'm set apart as a minister for the Lord Jesus Christ, so this invitation has unique and individual gravity for each of you, so pay attention to it -

I want everyone who reads this email to invite one nonmember to a Gospel-centered activity, whether it's in or out of the home.

Mutual, Institute, Christmas programs in Sacrament, Halloween parties, Family Home Evening - the list goes on and on. Anyone can do it, and I know you all well enough to know that you will do it. If you are active, then great - consider this your chance to follow Lehi's example in sharing the Fruit with those you love. If you are a less-active member, then you better dust off your testimony, because nothing will strengthen it like missionary work.

I know without a shadow of a doubt that this is Jesus Christ's work. I have gone through far too much and am still going strong - there is no way that it could not be. If you want to know for yourself, I want you to examine this itinerary:
Missionary Daily Schedule*

6:30 a.m.

Arise, pray, exercise (30 minutes), and prepare for the day.
7:30 a.m.
8:00 a.m.
Personal study: the Book of Mormon, other scriptures, doctrines of the missionary lessons, and other chapters from Preach My Gospel, the Missionary Handbook, and the Missionary Health Guide.
9:00 a.m.
Companion study: share what you have learned during personal study, prepare to teach, practice teaching, study chapters from Preach My Gospel, confirm plans for the day.
10:00 a.m.
Begin proselyting. Missionaries learning a language study that language for an additional 30 to 60 minutes, including planning language learning activities to use during the day.
Missionaries may take an hour for lunch and additional study, and an hour for dinner at times during the day that fit best with their proselyting. Normally dinner should be finished no later than 6:00 p.m.
9:00 p.m.
Return to living quarters (unless teaching a lesson; then return by 9:30) and plan the next day’s activities (30 minutes). Write in journal, prepare for bed, pray.
10:30 p.m.
Retire to bed.

This is the schedule that every missionary every day holds. Pretty demanding, huh? Let me tell you frankly that I can not keep this schedule, BUT because I am a servant to the God of Adam & Noah & Nephi & Ammon, I can do ALL things - even work a 16 hour day. He has assisted me in this, He will assist you in your missionary endeavors.

I bear you this witness in the name of my savior, Jesus Christ.


P.S. S. Gifford Nielsen is this guy -----> 


Sister Annika Rogers

Isaiah 49:16

I just wanted to brag - I sketched this out for my companion and she's cross stitching it. What a boss.

Hey, I've gotta compete with the cow skin. (Talking about what Braxton is eating in Africa)
I'm loving Halloween. We can't dress up, btw. Bummer, I know. (mostly because I was trying to talk my Zone Leaders into being a Nephite and a Lamanite...Sister Ewell and I were going to be Loki and Thor, respectively...even if she didn't want to).
Guess what.
In Kansas.

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