Monday, October 7, 2013


Guys, this weekend was the BEST.
Saturday was a.) my companion's birthday, b.) Addison's baptism, and 3.) GENERAL CONFERENCE.
Just for the record, I've been with two of my companions on their birthdays, and I've observed something...PEOPLE FEED YOU SO MUCH ON YOUR BIRTHDAY. Seriously. I felt ten pounds heavier when I laid down that night. Blegh.

Addison's baptism was the best! She asked me to speak on the Holy Ghost, and I had this sweet visual using my suitcase, a bottle of Clorox with bleach, an astronomy textbook, an old GPS, a fire alarm, and a blanket (the functions of the gift of the Holy Ghost...pretty clever, eh?) The spirit was so strong and it was so great to be a part of it. When we're baptized, we begin a new life of commitment to Christ - this new life was for her whole family :)

It's finally starting to cool down here! The leaves are taking FOREVER to change, though. When they would show clips of temple square, Sister Ewell and I were dying - "Why are the leaves already changed there?? Why can't the leaves here do that??" Summer here lasts much longer. UT gets snow on Halloween? Yeah, here it doesn't snow until after Thanksgiving, and then it stops snowing in April. don't these people know I need more winter than that?? Ridiculous.

OH, and we got transfer calls this week :) I'm staying in Olathe 2nd with Sister Ewell! It's awesome! Three transfers is the max that we can stay with anyone, and considering that we only get four transfers out of the VC, one of us will probably go back to the VC or Historic Liberty Jail in mid-November, but I'm not worrying about it yet :) Too far away. Transfers full-proselyting is way different from the VC. In the VC it's like the Reaping (Hunger Games, anyone?) We all just walk around totally on edge..."who's gonna go? Who's gonna go??" I think back and I'm like, "What a fool I was..." Full-pros is the BEST.

Guess what's coming up soon.
We went to Hobby Lobby to get some stuffs and they totally have their trees on display. AH I LOVE IT!

Go back and listen to your favorite conference talk! #homework
Sister Annika Rogers
Isaiah 49:16

our district :)

Me'n my trainer, who is now serving in Inde 2nd!

Found it.

@ Addi's baptism!
 Her stepmom, her dad, Addi!, her mom (Abby), me and Sister Ewell!

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