Monday, October 7, 2013

Thank you for doing your best. (letter)

Mom & Dad,
First off, let me just thank you for doing your best to raise us in the church. I know you don't always feel like you've done it right-Mom, you told me that repeatedly, usually as a result of some game station experience-but you've done great. :)

Think of Alma Sr. He's the prophet and a revolutionary.  He led a group of dissenters from the captivity of their own corrupt government and then endured captivity under the Lamanites' for a couple years.  Finally he and his people find themselves in a situation where they can worship God freely, and what happens?

Alma Jr.

When the angel struck his son dumb, Alma Sr. was relieved because he know God had heard his prayers.  What kind of a father prays that on his son?

Maybe a contractor with 4 other kids and an awesome wife?  (You can only imagine what Mrs. Alma Sr. was like.)

So Alma Jr. gets his life back on track and then decides he's going to serve a mission.  By that time, Alma Sr. had passed away.  But I imagine him overjoyed as his son forsook his old ways of destroying the church and took his repentance to the next step by doing his best to build the kingdom back up.

What I'm trying to say is, don't worry about me or Braxton.  You've taught us well, and we have the Lord on our side.:)

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